Students Show Counselors Appreciation

Makayla Dunlap, Staff Writer

February 3-7 was National Counselor Appreciation Week. Students at Conway High School electronically sent their counselors messages about how much they are appreciated for their work along will written messages. Here at CHS we have 5 counselors and roughly 2,300 students. That means each counselor has 450 students to counsel. That’s 450 schedules to manage and 450 teenagers to give advice to. Our counselors do not get enough credit for all the work they do; without them our students would have no beneficial schedules or be able to graduate. When asked what our school would be like without counselors Rayna Van Keuren she said, “It would be a mess because for one the counselors provide guidance to students whenever they need help and when they don’t know what they’re doing.”  Next time it’s time to make your schedule or you’re about to walk across the stage for the last time, make sure you give your counselor the credit he/she deserves.