Why Highschool Autobody is Cool


Niyana Quintana, Staff Writer

Montz & Penney are teachers at Conway High School for the autobody students. Henry Jimenez, Junior says, “my favorite is Mr. Montz because he takes his time with us.” Throughout the school year, these students learn how to block, safety handling, and learn how to work as a team. As you proceed into advanced classes you get to operate more dangerous equipment like plasma cutter, how to weld, and grind metal. 

“Autobody caught my attention as a freshman going into the sophomore year because my cousin did it and he has a career in it now. I would recommend autobody to an incoming freshman but I would warn them, you do have to participate.” Auto Body counts as two credits per year you take it and you also receive a cord at graduation. 

Skills USA is a competition at Hot Springs, it’s a two-day trip we leave in the morning. There are two categories: painting and bodywork. Painting requires taking a test, then you paint a panel. Bodywork requires you to take a test and take dents out and block. Both of these are graded on a specific score sheet.