Juniors Prep for Free ACT Next Week


Rayna Van Keuren, Staff Writer

Conway High Juniors will be taking the ACT March 10 during school. Students have the opportunity to earn scholarships and be accepted into the college of their dreams.

“Students need to bring No.2 pencils and a photo I.D. CHS provides calculators during testing if students do not have their own. Other than these items, bring your well-rested self (in other words, go to bed at a reasonable hour on Monday night), eat something for breakfast (so your brain will have some fuel), and have confidence (you have worked hard to be prepared for ACT).” said Mrs. Hinton, an English teacher who is helping students prepare. There will be one 15 minute break between the Math and Reading Tests that students may bring snacks to eat during the break. 

The ACT is important to take because, “The ACT results will provide students with a measure of their academic strengths and/or weaknesses. Students can use these scores to help in exploring careers and setting life goals. Colleges use these scores as an indication of a student’s preparedness for college work. Admittance to the college of a student’s choice and scholarships often rely on ACT scores,” Hinton said. “ACT is a good measure of a student’s overall knowledge. I think the State of Arkansas is wise in choosing to use the ACT as the statewide testing for students. Using ACT as the statewide measure benefits college-bound students and is a widely accepted measure of academic knowledge.”