Opinion: Senior Year Canceled?


Photo courtesy of wallpaperflare.com

Axl Thornton, Staff Writer

Senior year ended abruptly, and I’m sure I’m not the only one disappointed by this. Senior year was supposed to be the “best year of our lives,” and we didn’t even get to live it. The end of the year — prom, graduation, and senior prank day — have been taken away from all of the seniors of 2020. Seeing the past seniors from the last two years get to have their special moments and then watch ours get snatched away is absolutely heartbreaking. 

How many people have dreamed of their senior prom and waited to walk at graduation? I’m sure almost everybody has. Now none of the seniors get that. The prom was supposed to be like a parting gift to all the 2020 seniors, and now it’s gone, and there is no way to reschedule it.

It’s also heartbreaking to know we never got to say goodbye to our high school friends. I left school on Friday thinking that we would be back on Monday. I remember doing my homework Sunday night and expecting to turn it in Monday morning. I can’t even explain the surprise and loss I felt when I was told school was cancelled for the next couple weeks. At first I was happy, because it was an extended spring break. After I heard that school was permanently cancelled for the rest of the year, I began to realize the situation that was beginning to set in.

Our senior year is cancelled.

I didn’t even like the idea of staying home. School was my only getaway, and that was taken away. 

All in all, this year had shaped up to have a bad ending. Of course, we can’t discard the good memories we did have. We had homecoming, a good football season, and fun with our friends. We can’t discard our dreams and aspirations, since high school was only pitstop. 

As distraught as I am about our senior year ending the way it did, that doesn’t stop us from making new memories in the future ahead. I’ve come to accept how our year ended, and I’m ready to move on. I’ll miss all my teachers and my friends, but that’s okay. There are more memories to come, and we’ll all be just fine.