These Two Shows will Give You the Quarantine Creeps


Sierra Earnest, Staff Writer


Be aware that these two shows aren’t scary; they just open your eyes that disease needs to be taken seriously. 

  1. Containment :  Containment is a real eye opener. It gives you every opportunity to make you take this crisis seriously. The show is based on a man who came from another country with this virus which turns out to be deadly; the whole city of Atlanta had to go on lockdown. Overall in my opinion if you don’t believe in social distancing you need to watch this. Also this show is accurate to what we are experiencing today but not as deadly. Even though this show was filmed in 2016 everyone needs to watch this but don’t forget it gives you quarantine chills. 
  2. The Society : The Society is also an eye opener just like Containment. The show is based on a small town where all of sudden all of the adults disappear while children are on a field trip. In my opinion this show gives you an opportunity to take in the fact that we should try to keep our family healthy during this crisis. Even though there’s no virus in this show you should still watch it.