COVID-19 Affects Funeral Industry


Makayla Dunlap, Staff Writer

This is a topic that most people don’t think about or even realize is affected by the CoronaVirus. My father has worked in the funeral industry for the past 32 years and continues to work in it now, despite the virus. I have asked him multiple questions about the changes that have been forced on this industry. As of March 26th, the funeral service industry was mandated to not allow more than ten people to attend a funeral service in an inside building. This includes the staff members that are working the service. In addition to this new policy, funeral homes were advised to not publicize times nor location of the services and to leave it up to the decedent’s families to decide who are permitted to attend and who are not. The company my father works for has also decided to offer the recordings of the services to publish on social media, in order to reassure the entire family that they will be able to witness the service. They are also offering a memorial service after the quarantine has been lifted, free of charge, under the condition that the families only have a graveside service at this point in time. The graveside services are currently allowed to have more than ten people attending so long as the attendants keep a six foot distance apart. These new laws have made losing a loved one so much harder. I know on a personal level that losing a loved one makes you want to be surrounded by your whole family and be able to grieve together. My heart goes out to the families who lose a loved one especially during these times. I also realize even more how much time and dedication that the workers of the funeral industry put in and also how they selflessly work during this time.