Get to Know the ones you Know


Diamond Alexander, Staff Writer

So, you’re stuck trying to hold it down at home, right? Well, why don’t you try talking to somebody? No, that doesn’t mean go find some random person on Instagram who’s name is Susan but their profile picture is 30 year old Donald Trump. I’m talking about your friends, family. It doesn’t have to be the people you live with either. 

Since you don’t have that much else to do, why don’t you try to talk to the very same people that are stuck at home with you? Your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, brother, sister, whomever else may be stuck with you indoors. This is the perfect chance to learn more about them. You can ask your parents how they meet, or how to pay a light bill…. almost whatever comes to mind. 

If you’re one of the lucky people on the planet with a phone, computer, and/internet, you could still communicate with your friends. Most people don’t know much about their friends. Sure you might know some of the mainstream things like favorite colors, favorite tv shows, all that stuff. But what about the deeper stuff? What type of plans do they have for the future? Where do they see themselves in 5 years? So many questions to ask, and so much time to ask them. 

Remember, we have a few more weeks of this, so might as well learn somethings about your loved ones before life goes back to normal and you don’t have time. Or you just forget, whatever comes first. So remember stay inside, wash your hands, and stay safe until this all blows over.