Katie Beth Smith Endlessly Searches For Thrill


Kensye Gault, Staff Member

Katie Beth Smith is the eldest sister to two siblings, and a notable member of the Conway High cheer team. On the surface, Katie Beth may seem like the average teenager, but don’t be so quick to judge her. When she’s playing it safe, she writes, reads, and does makeup. However, when in need of an extra dose of fun, she finds it in nature when she’s hiking, canoeing, or kayaking with her family. Even with these adrenergic hobbies, she still searches for excitement. What keeps Katie Beth sane is an escape from the mundane. With her friends, Katie can fully act on her spontaneity, whether it’s go-karting or a high paced game of cat and mouse at night. Katie reminisced on summer mishap when she said, “This summer my friends and I decided to play Fugitive, we got lost, then it began to rain. I fell into a mudhole!” One thing is for sure, never count Katie Beth out because you never know when she’ll pick up and go. “I enjoy things that are unplanned and spontaneous…it makes for the best memories,” Katie said. Her family and friends can always count on Katie to supply the fun.