Hugh Chainz: Conway High’s Biggest Hit


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Collin Cunningham, Staff Writer

Sophomore Hugh Hill is not your average student. Along with baseball and band, Hugh is also a big time rapper on soundcloud and youtube. Hugh currently has 4 songs out, Free Money, Blue Diamonds, Finessin, and the most recent song is Private Jet. Hugh goes by the rapper name “Hugh Chainz” as a spin off to the rapper “2 chainz”. “I knew I wanted to rap when I started listening to lil Yatchy in 4th grade,” said Hugh Chainz when asked what got him into rapping. I later asked Hugh Chainz how his rap career has changed his life, and his response was “My life has changed because I have a fan base and now everyone knows about my raps.” Hugh even has his goals for rapping. “I want to be able to make enough money to get a sports car, drop out of high school, and buy a diamond chain.” Hugh Chainz has even made the Official Conway Baseball BP Playlist! The best part about the Hugh Chainz music, however, is it has no bad words! It is great music to bump in the car with your parents or anywhere else!