Leonard Experiments With a Variety of Art Styles

Raven Briscoe, Staff Writer

Kristen Leonard, 17 finds passion in working on art, nwhich she developed a love for at a young age. She was inspired by watching anime as a child, and grew to want to become an animator. Leonard also works on more “realistic drawings,” such as the human body(anatomy). Leonard enjoys working on art shows who she looks up to in life, such as BTS, a popular Korean music group.  In addition to BTS, she enjoys working on POC(People of Color) and women. Leonard states, “As a kid, I never really saw people that looked like me in anime or cartoons.”  This situation inspired her to begin working more and more on representation for the black community. “I want to put more people of color and women into animation,” she said.  Leonard enjoys the “comic book art style,” those that are very popular with the superhero branding and says that the comic book style is one she would try to mimic. Line art, a style which uses dinstictinby straight or curved lines to represent a two or three dimensional drawing, is another style she enjoys. She said, “Something about having bold straight lines in art is so fascinating to me.” Leonard believes that anyone can become good at art if they put enough time, effort, and energy into it. “It’s a very beautiful thing. Everyone has to work to accomplish what they desire.”