Young Feminist Alliance Returns to Action


Izzy Funes, Staff Writer

Conway High School’s Young Feminist Alliance has recently resumed and they are already taking steps. Mrs. Gray, a club sponsor, said, “The club’s mission is to educate and inform CHS and the community about feminism and women’s issues. We do this through education, service, community outreach, and activism.” Young Fems is planning on making materials for the 100 year anniversary of Women’s Suffrage.

Throughout the year, the club will be doing similar activities for different months of the year and holidays. All clubs at some point have to get a little creative, but Young Fems doesn’t forget the real message they are trying to send. The club stresses that a person doesn’t have to be a woman to be a feminist. “Feminism is not about exclusion of others. Feminism is about equity. It is about ensuring that people’s issues are considered and all people’s contributions are respected. It is also important to note that women’s issues aren’t just women’s issues. They impact many areas of life,” said Mrs. Gray.

Young Fems also want people to know why feminism is so important today. “Promoting equality in any platform is important and it takes momentum. As change begins to occur, that gets the ball rolling for other groups of people to seek equality. It is also important for us to protect the progress that we have made. We are only a few generations removed from a time with limited rights for women. We must protect these strides toward a more equitable world,” states Mrs. Gray. Young Fems may be a small group, but they are going to continue staying active in our school and community.