Among Us Captures Teens’ Attention


Katie Beth Smith, Staff Writer

Among Us is a popular new app that is set in three different locations.  The prime location however is called The Skeld and is a spaceship.  There can be up to 10 players per game.  In each game there are at least five people and at least one imposter.  The crewmates do tasks on the ship and the goal is to finish all of the tasks without the imposter killing anyone.  The imposter will try to sabotage people’s tasks and kill crewmates.  If a crewmate finds a dead body they can choose to report it and then try to get the imposter voted out.  If the imposter kills everyone they win, and if the crewmates vote the imposter out or finish all of their tasks then they win.

The app is played by many of the students at Conway High School.  Many students can be seen playing the game in class or at lunch with their friends.  They all have their favorite, roles, colors, and people that they always think are sus (slang for suspicious).  Alyssa Roland, a virtual student, likes to play as the colors red and white and wear a witch hat which she says is “because of the memes on tik tok”.  Logan Wilmington always thinks that Red is sus when he plays the game even though he doesn’t have a true reason or evidence for this belief.  He also says he would “rather be the imposter because doing the missions gets boring”.  This is a popular opinion among many students because everyone interviewed said that they liked being imposter the best even though it may not be their strong suit. Peyton Carson says “I enjoy the essence of being an imposter” and “I always get caught in the first round”. 

The app gained popularity very recently and now students all over Conway High School are enthralled and enthusiastic about this new game.  It is a way to play games and communicate with friends during covid because it can be played online and both virtual and in person students can play together.