Holidays Are Approaching; Wear Your Masks!


Brady Minister, Staff Writer

With the holidays approaching and covid cases increasing it’s more important than ever that everyone stays safe during the upcoming weeks. In Arkansas around 2000 people are getting covid everyday and we are seeing a spike in cases since the recent holiday of Thanksgiving. With the case number going up it is important to practice socials distancing and be mindful of others and wear your masks. Large gatherings for Christmas and other winter holidays should rather be only with close family members and in small groups with proper safer measures. Although it is getting colder outside, having these gatherings outside are also suggested to ensure a minimal increase in cases.

There has been a lot of buzz about the covid vaccine since we have been faced with the pandemic for nine long months. The governor talked about the vaccine recently and by the sound of it the ones getting the vaccine first are going to be people working in the hospitals and elders who are at high risk. Everyone else is expected to be able to get the vaccine around early to late spring. This still does not mean that it is okay to be relaxed during the holiday season because covid will still be spreading. Be mindful of others, wear your masks, and use safe social distancing practices and we will be able to beat this together!