Christmas or Sick-mas?


Audrey Walthall

The excitement and anticipation for Christmas break is usually accompanied by the knowledge of a vacation- so how will a global pandemic alter these feelings? As of 11/16/2020, California, Washington State, Michigan, and Oregon have all shut down for a second time. In the last 7 days, Arkansas has seen a total of 68,900 cases of COVID-19. Due to the large number of cases around the world, it is likely that most vacations will be cancelled this Christmas break. While staying home may not be the ideal vacation, it is crucial for the betterment of our country and our world. 

 After speaking to a few Conway High School students about their plans for Christmas break, it is clear that a majority of them plan to simply relax indoors. Junior Brody Wilson stated that he’s going to, “stay at home and watch movies.”

But Wilson isn’t the only one who has had to alter his plans. As of 12/07/2020, it has been recorded that the number of scheduled flights worldwide is down by 46.1%. People with higher-risk family members can simply not afford to take any chances that may be accompanied with traveling. By staying home and staying safe this holiday season, we are making it all the more likely for a COVID free Christmas break in 2021.