Wilson Does It All


Audrey Walthall

 Junior student Brody Wilson is the poster child for High School students everywhere. Wilson has maintained great grades throughout High School while working a part-time job at Slim Chickens, being on Hendrix College’s Aquakids swim team for the last 9 years, participating in 4 school clubs, and being a part of both the tennis and swim teams at Conway High. 

Obviously I had quite a few questions for Wison, but wow- where to begin?! I’ll start off by saying that Wilson’s best piece of advice for students who may be struggling is, “DON’T PROCRASTINATE.” Though it’s tempting to take a quick Netflix break or clear your mind with a little YouTube, it’s important to remember that all of those shows, movies, and podcasts will still be there when you’ve finished all of your work. They may seem important in the moment, but would you rather get all As in your classes or finish the last 30 minutes of a video you’ll probably just end up forgetting? Wilson also shared that he works about 17 hours a week on average. He declared that, “I get all my school work done as quickly as possible, and work my job on days that I have swim in the morning.” 

 One thing that works out well for Wilson is the fact that tennis season and swim season take place during different times of the year. This makes it so that he is able to go to practice for only one sport at a time. While Wilson may seem like some sort of wizard or magician, the biggest concept to master in order to be successful like him is time management. If you’re a virtual student, complete your assignments day by day instead of cramming them in right before they’re due. Wilson, an on-site student, follows this rule during classes as well. Wilson is making great strides for himself and his future by working hard for what he wants. We could definitely all learn a thing or two from him!