#Alive Revives Zombie Films


Peighton Carson, Staff Writer

 In the 2020 film #Alive an unknown virus sweeps across Seoul, Korea  and forces citizens to fall ill with symptoms of: screaming, bleeding from the eyes, and a hunger for living human flesh. The impact is seen quickly as the audience watches Oh Joon-Woo, the main protagonist of the film, as he is  forced to isolate himself luckily living on one of the higher floors in his apartment complex. Played by Yoo Ah-in, Joon- Woo is wonderfully portrayed and can be found relatable in his time during quarantine. Accompanied halfway through the film with a female right hand living in the apartment across the street from him (played by Park Shin-hye), she helps him get food when his rations run out and they talk to one another through walkie talkies. 

Though zombies are seen as an overused trope in modern day culture, Joon-Woo shows his tech-savvy lifestyle when being introduced as a gaming streamer. His cleverness is also shown when flying his drone across the street to create a line between him and his companion to send food on. The emphasis on how technology can aid someone in an apocalypse brings a fresh breath of life into the outdated  concept. Social media is also heavily emphasized after people begin using hashtags and videos online to show they are still alive and that they need help. It parallels current times and teens turning to the internet to connect with ones they want to be close to. Unlike other modern day cash grabs that use social media in a way that makes teens cringe at the sight of, #Alive doesn’t hark on slang and bad jokes. 

 In terms of film design the movie is immaculate. From the acting that makes it feel like you’re in the protagonists shoes to the sound design that makes the audience get shivers as they watch people contort and hear as they shift into monsters. The storyline creates a complex plot and keeps the audience entertained.