Vaccination Process Begins for CPSD Teachers

Susannah DeBlack, Staff Writer

 Some teachers at Conway Public Schools have received their first dose of the Covid 19 vaccination Friday at SavOn Drugs. This is a part of Governor Asa Hutchinson’s vaccination process known as Phase 1-B. This includes people over 70, teachers, and other school staff. Hutchinson hopes to have the first dose given to all 180,000 teachers and school staff by the end of February. Vaccination became a priority as numbers of staff and student quarantines have risen significantly since the holiday break.

Those who have already had the vaccine have described it like a simple shot. CHS English Teacher Madison Gray was among those teachers who received their shot. She believed that the “pros outweigh the cons’’ of receiving it. She said that she experienced a few side effects like fatigue, exhaustion, and a fever, but they were fixed by a simple ibuprofen. Gray agreed the district made the shot process easy for teachers and said, “Dr. Murry has worked to try to get as many of the teachers in the district vaccinated as quickly as possible. That has not been an easy task.” She hopes that people will make the right decision for themselves in regards to going through with the vaccine.