Drivers License the Newest Hit of 2021


Katie Beth Smith, Staff Writer

           Olivia Rodrigo released her new single Driver’s License on January 8, 2021.  She began teasing her single towards the end of December by posting short clips of it on her numerous social media accounts.  She then announced on January 4, that she would be releasing the song on that upcoming Friday.  Fans started listening to it immediately and were instantly obsessed.  The drama surrounding the single, the tik tok trends, and the catchy tune matched with masterful lyricism led this song to rise to number 1 on both Spotify and Apple Music in the first four days after its release.  Within two weeks it had topped the billboard charts and broken many records in the music industry.  The single broke Spotify’s record for most streams in a single week, Spotify’s record for daily streams, Rolling Stones top 100 record for biggest debuts in history, and she has even been said to be an early contender for song of the year.  Rodrigo has been recognized not only by these fans and companies, but also some of the biggest names and music like her idol Taylor Swift for example.  The song was likely so successful not only due to its passionate lyrics and Rodrigo’s powerful voice that many fans related to and resonated with or the multitude of tik tok trends created after its release, but it was also largely due to the marketing and the drama of a love triangle brewing behind the songs lyrics that created speculation and therefore more circulation of the song.  It has now been almost 3 weeks since Drivers License debuted and now has 233,882,817 streams on Spotify alone.