Youth Apprenticeship Program Applications are Now Open


Katie Beth Smith, Staff Writer

Juniors can start applying for the CHS internship/Youth Apprenticeship program if they meet the qualifications.  The deadline to apply is Friday March 5th and if they would like to apply they should talk to any available career center teachers or the Program Coordinator, Mrs. Bell.  To complete the application students should include a resume, four letters of recommendation, 2 from core academic teachers, one from a teacher in their program of study, and the last from someone outside of the educational field, and they also must secure a job within their program of study.  Students are also expected to join the Career and Technical Student Organization that is affiliated with their program.  The Youth Apprenticeship Program allows students to work during the day while making money and learning, and any student who completes this program will also get 2 credits that count towards graduation.  The program is more specifically geared towards students who plan to continue their education for a career within their chosen CTE (Career and Technical Education) and does count as a level 3 course in their chosen program if they plan on becoming a career completer.  Students with accepted applications will begin working while earning 25 cents above minimum wage and have a chance of promotion with every 500 hours of work along with a good evaluation.  Students can work full time during the summer, but during the school year they will work around 12-20 hours a week.  During school these students are usually dismissed for work after fifth period and all students in this program must provide their own mode of transportation to work.