Mask Mandate Amended


Audrey Rawls, Staff Writer

Although this year has been very hard due to the pandemic, things might be returning to normal sooner than expected. As of May 12, Conway Public Schools have changed the mask mandate to where students are able to remove their masks while in outside areas. This is the first time that the school’s mask mandate has been updated since it began with the school year in August. Students are now able to remove their masks while standing in the courtyard in the morning, walking outside to and from classes, and walking to their mode of transportation after school. Even though there are only two weeks of school left, this is still a big step towards normalcy in the Conway Public School District. “Now that we don’t have to wear masks outside, it feels like we are kind of getting back to normal. It brings some senses of familiarity back after such a strange and unfamiliar year,” said Madison Achan, 11. Students are now given the opportunity to take a mask break while outside throughout the day to make it easier to wear the mask for the rest of their day.