Spin-off Lacks Appeal of Predecessor

American Horror Stories is not all it was expected to be.

photo from pxabay

American Horror Stories is not all it was expected to be.

Zane Brewer, Staff Writer

After 10 years of frights, FX finally released an official spin-off to the award winning anthology series “American Horror Story”, entitled “American Horror Stories”. Unfortunately, this spin-off was a real freak show, (and not the good kind).

The show was confirmed last fall, to consist of 16 stand alone episodes, with a different horror story each episode. It was also confirmed that many of the original AHS actors would be returning for the spin-off, unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.

The series finally premiered in July 2021, with the show only consisting of 7 episodes, compared to the original 16. The show was supposed to dive into classic scary folklore, but instead we spent 3/7 episodes in one of the same story lines from Season One of American Horror Story. With only 3 of the original AHS stars returning.

While the show did have a bright new cast; the fans were tricked. While filming the pilot for the spin-off, fans leaked that two main characters from “American Horror Story: Murder House”, would be returning. Unfortunately, when the pilot finally aired the two characters were nowhere to be seen. Fans speculate that these scenes were cut from the show.

Although many original stars did not return, there was a chance for newcomer actors to have their moment in the sun. Some bright, some not so bright. The acting was not the best, which was almost as bad as the story alone. In some cases, it is okay to keep the same actors and writers.

The stories all fell short and felt very rushed. It is very unfortunate because there is so much more they could have done with the show. Season Two was confirmed to be in pre-production in August 2021. There is hope that the production team will take in the bad reviews and try harder for the next installment in the series.