Masks Optional for CPSD


Ellie Matthews

As of Monday, some students have chosen to discard their masks in accordance with new district policy.

Ellie Matthews, Staff Writer

October 11 the Conway Public School District announced that starting Monday October 18 masks are now optional for students and staff. Conway has not had a school day where masks have not been required in 19 months.

This will be a big change for students, parents, and staff members. Mrs. Martin, a teacher at Simon Middle school said “I’m a little bit nervous health wise but I’m excited because I think it will make communication with my students a lot easier.” Students still have the option to wear a mask, everyone has their reason for what they are deciding to do. Senior Laney Kellybrew decided to wear a mask while thinking of others, Kellybrew said “To be considerate,” when asked about why she chose to wear a mask now that they are optional. Junior Kara Lampe said she chooses to not wear a mask because “I am vaccinated and Covid will never go away so I don’t want to be wearing a mask the rest of my life.” Parents have handled this change differently as this change occurs.  Kellie Jordan, mother of four Conway students said, “My big kids are both vaccinated so I don’t have any worry with them. They asked to be vaccinated so they wouldn’t have to be quarantined if exposed. I don’t think the little kids wear their masks properly anyway. They stay within their class except at recess. I’m extremely impressed with how Woodrow Cummins has handled the mask mandate. They make me as a parent feel confident to send my babies to school and be safe.”