What Makes him a red Flag?


Artwork by Toria Turnbow

Red Flags are warning behaviors that let us know this might not be the one.

Toria Turnbow, Staff Writer

Have you ever been in a relationship or talking to someone you have interest in and then loose interest in them, because of something they say, do, wear or act like?

Well you are not alone. This is very common for any and everyone, it can be as simple as their favorite color or as serious as the way they disrespect other people. This is what we call a red flag, anything and everything that makes you dislike someone or think of them differently. 

A variety of students gave us lots of different examples of their own personal red flags that makes them dislike who they are interested in.

  • “When he tells you he still loves you after he ends things with you.”-Ellie
  • “When they are shorter than me.” -Mia
  • “Having too many girl best friends.” -Kimora
  • “A sound cloud rapper.” -Bella
  • “When they say she’s just a friend or that they are close because they have been friends for forever.” -Adisyn
  • “When they forget your birthday.” -Riley
  • “When he has no music taste, lille only listening to rap music.”-Nate
  • “When he brings his new girl to my work during my shift to make me jealous.” -Madi
  • “If his name starts with a J.” -Karsen 
  • “Whenever he cant take anything serious because then you feel like you cant express how you feel so you feel like you cant communicate truly with them.” -Lucy
  • “When they play the victim lots of time or blame their toxic actions on their trauma past.” -Chloe
  • “Having bad hygiene.” -Dylan 

In conclusion, everyone has their specific red flags that make them not like people for things they do that are unique to certain people. Most of the time people feel this way about those things because of previous experiences where this has been a characteristic in someone who hurt them or made them change how they see themselves or others.