Caring Cats Holds Annual Powder Puff Game

Medford, Weaver Crowned Royalty and $7000 Raised

Caring Cats gathered after the annual Powder Puff Game

Alye Bell

Caring Cats gathered after the annual Powder Puff Game

Avery Ferguson, Staff Writer

The Conway High School’s club, Caring Cats,  hosted its annual Powder Puff game. The game took place November 3, as it was moved from October 26 due to bad weather. The game was between the senior Caring Cats members vs. the Junior and Sophomore Caring Cats members. Everybody attending was encouraged to wear all of their pink or green to show school spirit and support for the program. At the beginning of the game, Aaron Medford and Gracie Weaver were crowned as Powder Puff Royalty. The proceeds of all the sales were to fund the program itself, and, throughout the night, the game raised $7000 for Caring Cats and special athletes. The club’s purpose is to better our community through outreach programs, and this game did just that. Powderpuff cheerleader Jack Ryan Brooks said, “It recognizes [these special student athletes] and helps to include all our peers”. The game was a wonderful opportunity for the community and students to come together in support for their peers.