Dining With the Bucks


Kali Cresswell, Staff Writer

Toad Suck Buck’s is a restaurant that resides in Toad Suck Arkansas. It came about in 1997 when a married couple by the name of Ken and Deb Buck decided to build something to occupy their time. The land was bare and there wasn’t much to do, so they figured making a place for friends and neighbors wasn’t a bad idea.

However; it didn’t start as a restaurant. At first, it was a small flea market with a variety of merchandise. Unfortunately the place didn’t gain much attention, and six months later the owners decided it just wasn’t for them. It took about another six months for everything to be cleared out and the space to be clean, but eventually that got their fresh start.

They added a pool table about thirty days later. No sooner than it began the place became packed with people all wanting to shoot a game of pool. Ultimately they bought three more, and with the new addition more people showed up.

One day a man and his family questioned whether or not they had any food. Ken replied no, so the man suggested they add some for the patrons. To start off they made peanut butter crackers, and each month more and more things were added to the menu.

It wasn’t until ten years later that a friend of theirs proposed they add steak. At first they declined, because steak was too expensive. They came around though and now it’s been voted the best steak house in Arkansas.

Because they didn’t advertise, word had to get around by mouth. Eventually even semi-famous people started showing up. One man being John Schneider, an actor and musician who played in Dukes and Hazzard. Another man goes by the name of Wesley Clark. He ran for president in 2004.

Mr. Buck informs that, “ I would say the aesthetic of the place is casual and very down home.” This isn’t hard to believe, since they provided people with Karaoke on Thursday, and live music almost every night.

Allen Dixon is a musician that often plays there. He recalls that, “ Linda Cheek and I play there at least three of four times a month. We definitely enjoy the opportunity to play, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad meal.” They also have a fire pit outside where families can gather and have a good time. This is run by Mrs. Buck who normally works in the Kitchen.

“ I didn’t know what to expect when We first started. We had never done anything like this before. I definitely didn’t expect we would grow this much.” She tells us.

The waitresses also commented on the friendly Environment. Dana Buck is the daughter in law of the owners. She has never done waitressing before, so working for them was a new experience. “ I’ve never been anywhere like this and that’s in a good way. It’s very friendly and loving with the atmosphere. It is always exciting to come to work and meet new people.”

Cara Caudell states that, “ working here is like having another family- like they adopted me in. We have a strong sense of community. People can come and be themselves. They come here and get good food in a homey place with a great view.” Finding somewhere like this is hard, so take a chance, eat great food, and join us down at bucks.