Green Tea Wraps a Cozy Blanket Around Common Winter Disruptions

Laney Kellybrew, Staff Writer

As the winter season begins to approach, feelings of illness and isolation have begun to rise as usual. The weather creating colds and sickness brings about sore throats, runny noses, and low body temperatures. However, this also causes people to migrate inside and become physically isolated and unmotivated. I have found that a small joy just might be the gateway to making the best out of the season. 

I was never much into tea, but as the temperatures dropped the warm sensation of tea and honey was begged internally. Since my mother and sister made it frequently I asked them to make me some when I was sick; it did wonders, like a hug from a cup. My sore throat was soothed with just a few sips of it.

Not only does the liquid ease inflammation in the throat, but it provides a cozy relief from the cold. It’s warmth lasts for several minutes and isn’t too heavy like other hot drinks such as coffee or hot chocolate. It’s also fairly easy to make; bring the water to the prefered temperature by microwave or a pot on the stove, and slip the tea bag in. After it sits for two minutes stir some honey in it and the comfort is yours. It’s recently been a personal favorite of mine, and everyone I’ve urged to try it. You just can’t go wrong with Lipton’s green tea!