The Addams Family Musical!: Rehearsals Underway!


Zane Brewer, Staff Writer

This April, a very spooky family is visiting Conway High School. The Conway High School Drama Department will present “The Addams Family: The Musical!”, as their spring musical. Featuring a star struck cast and an amazing crew. This show is going to be a blast for the whole family.

The show follows the trials and tribulations of Gomez and Morticia’s (West Boudreaux and Madeline Bynum) daughter Wednesday (Camille Lambert) growing up and falling in love with a boy named Lucas (Zane Brewer). The family hosts a dinner to get the two families together and all chaos breaks loose. 

I know what you might be thinking, The Addams Family in April? But here me out, the musical portrays many cute love related storylines, and proves that family and friends is all we have. When asked why, “The Addams Family?”,  Director Mr. S, states “Considering the pandemic, we chose it last year, and things were ramped up, we did not think doing a huge show would be possible. I just wanted to do something that was new, fresh, and fun and familiar with folks, something that WAS NOT DISNEY”. He added, “I think people should come see the  show because it is fun and I think people can be an escape for our audience. We have a very talented group of students that produce quality that is higher than just HIGHSCHOOL THEATRE”.

Speaking of some of our amazing cast and crew, Camille Lambert (Wednesday Addams), chatted with me about what to look for in this production, she stated, “It is interesting to see how Wednesday has developed from the tv show to being an adult and dealing with real adult feelings and issues, you are in for a treat”.  Leah Fimple (Grandma Addams) added, “I am excited to play Grandma because she suits me and I act super crazy, which is so her. I think people should come see the show because it has something for everyone”. The comedic relief of the production, Nate Mcdonald (Fester Addams), explained, “I am excited to learn some new techniques and how to get in characters and fun vocal tricks”. I also had the pleasure of speaking to West Boudreaux (Gomez Addams), and Madeline Bynum (Morticia Addams), about the production, Bynum said People should come see the show because the talent is impeccable and the amount of work going into it is astounding, and it’s a fun show”, while Boudreaux added “The people that put this show together are awesome and it has been fun coming together to do this”.

Conway High School Theatre Department’s Production of “The Addams Family: The Musical”, opens in April 2022! Keep an eye out for dates and tickets.