High School Students Walk Away from Car Wreck


Blaize Adams

Adams’ truck after the accident

Landon Rowe, Staff Writer

On the night of January 1, at approximately 7:00 pm, CHS sophomore Blaize Adams was involved in an extremely bad car wreck on his way to pick up dinner with his friends. Luckily he and his friends walked away unharmed, but it could have been much worse.

 Adams was traveling North on Prince street approaching the intersection of Prince and College when he noticed a vehicle traveling towards the intersection going approximately 50-60 MPH. Adams paid no mind to the incoming traffic because his light was green at the time of him entering the intersection.  Adams said, “The truck was hit with a wave of force, as we spun out in a complete 180. We were hit with airbags all over, and the truck filled with smoke.”  5-20 seconds before this collision happened I turned east onto college avenue, when the collision occurred I immediately turned around to make sure everyone was ok, at first I didn’t know Adams was involved but when I saw his truck I knew. Once I arrived on the scene, I made sure everyone involved was ok, made sure none of them had any injuries, and then I called 9-1-1 to report what had happened. Luckily we weren’t too far from a fire station, so the fire department was on scene approximately three minutes after the call was made.  After the Conway Police, and Fire departments were on scene I informed them of the information I gathered. I then checked on Adams and the others that were involved one last time before leaving the scene. Before I left Adams told me, “We were all just blessed to have been safe.”  After this happened  Adams and his family had to hire an investigative team to find out what actually happened because the opposing party in the accident stated that it was not his fault, and that it was Adams’, despite the third party stating that it was the other way around.

All five people involved walked away with minor injuries, however it could have ended much worse. My point is to inform drivers of Conway to drive safely. Be extremely cautious while on the road, anything can happen.