Conway’s Recent Influential Black Athletes: Bryce Bohannon


photo by Jennifer Seifert

Dallas Desonie, Staff Writer

Those who were lucky enough to attend Wampus Cat Football games on Friday nights from 2018-2020 all have a story to tell about Bryce Bohannon. Wether it was a gravity defying catch in the endzone, or making everyone on the field look as if they were in slow motion as he danced his way to the goal line, Bohannon was sure to do at least one thing that made the price of admission worth it and then some. 

Starting out as a backup running back his sophomore year, injuries shot Bohannon up to the top of the depth chart early on in his sophomore campaign, and did he ever take advantage. He would have an incredible year, making highlight play after highlight play as he would solidify his spot as the next big thing for the Wampus Cat football team. 

Bohannon said that the experience he got during his sophomore year helped propel him to the success he would have over his next two years as a Wampus Cat. “Playing as a sophomore helped me out a lot. I got to get use to the pace of the game a lot earlier and just going against people older than me pushed me harder.”

His junior year would see him moved outside to receiver, where he would have a breakout year showcasing his incredible catch ability, making acrobatic, gravity-defying catches look easy on his way to the first of two all-state selections as a Wampus Cat. After another incredible season in 2020, Bohannon would continue his football career at Tulane University, just recently completing his freshman season.

For Bohannon, one of his football idols growing up was right in his own household. “My dad was definitely the person I looked up to the most and then I would say I looked up to Tavon Austin just because I liked how he played and I wanted to model my game after his.”

Beyond his father being an inspiration on the football field, he says that both of his parents helped shield him from a lot of racism he may have experienced as a kid. “I don’t think I ever experienced racism firsthand because a lot of people liked me, but I know people who did experience racism at Conway. As I got older I realized my parents protected me from situations where I would face racism without telling me.”

As he continues his football career at Tulane, the Conway community will always remember his incredible career as a Wampus Cat, and continue to cheer him on as he strives towards his dream of playing in the NFL.