Euphoria Causes Controversy Among Viewers

Euphoria Causes Controversy Among Viewers

Megan Lovett, Staff Writer

There’s a long history of people, especially parents, getting frustrated and concerned with the influences on children in our society. It’s always been an issue. Sometimes it’s extremely valid, sometimes it’s a little too much worry, and then sometimes there’s blurred lines. Generally it’s up to parents to make those decisions for their children, and that’s something to be respectful of. However, we all have heard those stories of people trying to get tv shows, books, toys, and probably anything else you can think of, banned. Some people believe that you shouldn’t try to ban a whole tv show just because you don’t like it, or you don’t want your kid watching it. That in itself is fair, just don’t let kids see that content right? Well It’s understandable that it’s probably easier said than done. Especially when your kids become teenagers. How much is okay? How impressionable are teens and shouldn’t we just leave that choice to individual parents? The show Euphoria has caused some controversy. While the show is really good, and quite honestly feels like I’m getting to witness high school drama, it’s a bit unrealistic isn’t it?


How many teenagers do you know that are out here doing dr*gs, and many more things I probably shouldn’t say.? The controversy boils down to parents not wanting their kids watching, and they don’t think it’s a good influence. There’s that old argument on whether or not a tv show is to blame for people’s behavior. I’ll be honest, I’ve seen the show, and I’ve never wanted to do the things they do in that show. It actually makes me sad. It displays the awful things those actions can cause. Rue is constantly hurting people around her with her addiction. 


Can a tv show be to blame for kids suddenly wanting to do these things? Technically it probably could, but a kid shouldn’t be watching it in the first place. That argument in itself is tricky though, a kid shouldn’t be watching it, yet it’s ABOUT kids. The show has many mature themes and it’s showing minors do these things. Not to mention the absurd amount of nudity that many would say is over the top. It is HBO though, did we really think it wouldn’t happen? I know those aspects are just human nature, but the show has it in almost every scene.


My assumption about the point of this show, is that it’s to see these people like rue, cassie, etc, get better. It’s an unrealistic show, but sadly there are teenagers, and people in general, probably struggling like these characters. Alayla Randolph, a 10th grader at CHS, had this to say, “I think it shows teens what would happen if you get addicted and see how crazy you would look.” When asked about her opinion on the show featuring high school students she said, “No I don’t think it’s weird because that’s when most addicts start is when they are teens.” The show definitely shows a negative side to dr*g use. There’s plenty of people though, who think the show is just overall a negative influence and glorifies drugs. 


A sophomore at Conway High School, John Savage, thinks the show should have featured college students. “I think the argument that it’s not a show for kids, yet making the show about kids, is the problem. In the show Rue literally says she doesn’t want to quit. The show displays an unnecessary amount of nudity and you’re supposed to be following the idea that these are minors.” He also adds, “There’s just extreme and graphic scenes of drug usage which involve characters that are portrayed as minors.”

All in all everyone has very different opinions, and although the show in question does have a lot of very questionable aspects, both sides of this argument are understandable, and I believe to come to some type of conclusion on this subject is extremely difficult. Parents should do the best they can to communicate with their children when it comes to shows and issues like these.