New Year’s Resolutions Rarely Stick


Ellie Matthews, Staff Writers

We are 3 months into the year 2022 and most people have completely forgotten about the goals they set for themselves. Whether they stuck to their goal for a few weeks, never even tried, or just set their goal way too high to begin with, many Americans abandoned their News Years Resolutions, and here’s why I think this happens so often. 

According to Discover Happy Habits, in the year 2021 the most common goal set was involving exercising and improving their overall fitness. I think many people decide to set a fitness goal for themselves because what better time to start your fitness journey than at the beginning of the year? The issue with that in my opinion is that if you do not have the desire, and motivation to start working out in the middle of September when no one else is doing it, then why would you do it in January? 

I also think that people set their goal way too high, especially when it comes to exercising habits. If previously you were working out 1 to 2 times a week, then it is very unrealistic to set a goal to go to the gym everyday. You would need to start by setting a goal to go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. Once people set their goals very unrealistic for themselves, they tend to not stick to them. Then, you start slacking and you miss 2 weeks at the gym, and next thing you know it you have told yourself ´I’ll just start next Monday.´ So many times you’ve gotten into next year. 

I personally set a few goals for 2022. I have not completely stuck to my goals. I wanted to work on my fitness, and go to the gym more. Which I have been doing, just not constantly. I think whenever you sit down to set your goals you forget about how busy life can get. Throughout the year I have gotten lazy, and even forgotten what some of my goals were. I think it is beneficial to keep your goals posted on your bedroom wall, or bathroom mirror, somewhere you will see everyday. 

The people who accomplish their goals have had to work harder, but they have to also want it. Sophomore Camira Selvy, whose goal was to make new friends, said she has accomplished her goal this year. ¨I feel like the only reason I have kept my goal is because I switched lunches so I had to meet new people,¨ Selvy said.

Overall many people that I talked to said they either forget about their goals, or just completely do not set them in the first place. Some people said they felt New Year’s resolutions to be pointless. I feel like if you are going to set a goal for yourself and you want to accomplish it you have to want it, work for it, and be consistent.