Hogue Reflects, Looks Toward Graduation


Megan Lovett, Staff Writer

As the end of the school year approaches,  some might agree that this has felt like the fastest school year ever– well, except for 2020. We’re in the home stretch of the year. We’ve made it to April, which means a lot of things for Conway High School. Spring at high school includes ACT testing, prom, senior graduation, and senior job shadowing. Seniors are counting down the days until graduation.

Blaze(Joseph) Hogue, a senior at Conway High School discussed his feelings as graduation creeps up  “High school is an experience I won’t forget. I can’t really describe it. Wrestling was by and far my favorite part of high school. I finished with a career record of 45-23 and a senior record of 18-3,” he said.  Most seniors feel one of two ways about graduation. They either have no idea what they want to do yet, or they may feel very confident and have their path planned. Hogue had this to say when asked about his plan: “Secure the bag.” He spent his years here at Conway high school and said the one word he could think of to sum up the emotions he felt about it all  would be, “Complex. CHS was a really big school, and could feel cramped at times, but most of my memories are positive. A positive memory of high school was bus rides to athletic competitions and being around my teammates.” 

A lot of us have a certain level of fear that comes with the idea of leaving and going into the adult world, but Hogue doesn’t.  “I’m sort of indifferent. This moment was bound to happen eventually. I can’t say if I would do anything over. Maybe study more, but that’s it. I’m really looking forward to the idea of going out and becoming an adult. If I had to describe being an adult, I’d just say it’s hard to describe.”