Vol 76 of Yearbook Highlights Bright Memories


Conway High School’s 2021-2022 yearbook sported a Conway blue cover with shimmery lettering, a peek into the bright memories inside.

Arden Booy, Staff Writer

Last Tuesday, April 26, Conway High students received the 76th volume of the Wampus Cat Yearbook in the lecture hall. The theme for this year was “Brighter Days,” reflecting the changing Covid restrictions and the opportunities of this year. The yearbook staff handed out all paid copies throughout the school day. The book featured many fun elements that tied into the theme such as a calendar of events and quotes from the past year and the ideas of students. 

“My favorite part about the book was all the ‘bright idea’ quotes, because they were so random and hilarious,” said Emma McClurkin. 

This year’s book was slightly bigger than last year’s due to the increase in school activities with lessened Covid restrictions. 

“My favorite thing about them was the photography and the structure. The diversity and quality of the pictures really gave a nostalgic feel to this school year,” Cooper Milliken said. “They can make you nostalgic about something that was ten months ago which is always my favorite thing about the yearbooks.”