Not An Average Musical Family:

CHS band, orchestra, and choir students provide live music for the Addams Family musical


Clara Spivey, Staff Writer

The Conway High School band, orchestra, and choir recently took up the amazing offer to perform as a small ensemble for the school musical, The Addams Family, which had showings from April 21st through the 23rd in the CHS auditorium. Director of the show, Anthony Spiridigliozzi, reached out to the various music directors at CHS to provide a more realistic experience to the show with live music. This generous offer was well-accepted by the band, choir, and orchestra. It provides background for the music students and makes the musical more inclusive. All types of performing arts worked together to make the creative, quirky, and spooky world of the Addams Family. After each music director gathered their best instrumentalists together, the rigorous rehearsals began. After school rehearsals leading up to the big show would typically last around 5 hours, leaving some music students exhausted with finger aches and lost voices. However, despite the long rehearsal times and difficulties learning the music, students in the orchestra pit still had positive attitudes and determination to pull off the best comeback live theatre show before the global pandemic. Senior, Tristan Nash, says, “It was a good opportunity to gain skills with reading music because it was very difficult to learn in such a short amount of time.” Senior Baylei Swaim also says, “Even though the music was difficult to learn, playing in a musical was still an eye-opening experience.” Overall, CHS has officially brought back live theatre with a huge bang by adding live music to their shows.