Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, Right?


Clara Spivey, Staff Writer

The concept of beauty is an aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind and spirit. With society’s forever changing status quo of beauty standards amongst people and items, the concept of beauty has never remained a constant. Beauty standards go in and out of popularity based on the likings of the majority. However, where there is a majority, there is always a minority. Beauty is perceived differently by every individual. It is the concept that makes human nature rich with color and vibrancy. Some people find beauty in simple, minimalistic items; others live a minimalist lifestyle. On the other hand, different people might find beauty in the extravagant and luxurious. Beauty is not a monogamous idea; it’s an inclusive concept that allows people to be diverse through items or other people that they find pleasurable. 

An extremely noticeable subject of the concept of beauty is societal beauty standards. For example, in the 1920s, the ideal standard for women was to have a very slim, boyish figure with short bobbed hair and dark eye makeup. However, today, the perfect standard for women is curvacious with a flat stomach and cinched waist with a more natural makeup look. Over time, beauty standards change because there is a constant new meaning of what beauty means to the general public. Often, people in the minority of what they perceive as beautiful conform to the majority to fit in with the masses. Understanding that beauty is like a unique seed planted within every individual is the first step toward speaking out and providing a new perspective of what beauty means to you. Beauty in humans, whether physical traits or characteristics, is always a unique trait that you will find beauty in someone because we are all not the same. 

Beauty amongst items or places is another prominent subject in a society where people tend to disagree and engage in conflict. Some individuals might find beauty in barren, dark landscapes with vast valleys of nothing but short grass. It’s the vastness of those valleys that people might find beautiful. The thought of the valleys extending forever in a limitless expansion makes the beholder eager to chase whatever is beyond the tall hills. On the other hand, others might find beauty in lush forests with blooming flowers of all different colors and exotic animals coexisting in the same environment. The maximalism of life flourishing right before your eyes leaves you awe-stricken. Beauty is a spectrum that has polar ends when it comes to nature. That being stated, these opposite ends can coexist and leave the opposing end up to the thought of interpretation. The interpretation itself is also a component of beauty. By viewing something with the naked eye, you can interpret the image in your mind and create your unique perspective on the beauty of the picture. 

The concept of beauty is very complex, as a tree with many branches. Everyone has their idea of what beauty means to them. Still, all of those ideas are connected to the same root: individuality. Hopefully, someday, the world will understand that anything can be beautiful with a little observation and interpretation.