Dancing to Success


Isabella Johnson

Senior Daisey Caudle has focused on dance most of her life, and she continues to do so through senior year.

Isabella Johnson, Staff Writer

Dancing is a common practice for many. It is a way to get out of your head, become creative, and relax. For Daisy Caudle, a Senior at Conway High School, dancing is her life. She practices at least 15 and half hours a week and has danced at Sonshine Academy for most of her life. Most people love dancing, but the reason varies for most. Caudle says, “ I love dancing because it gives me a way to be creative and it’s my therapy.” 

There are many forms of dance, Contemporary, Ballet, Pointe, Hip-Hop, Modern, etc. Most people are familiar with Ballet and Tap, but there are many other types of free dances like Contemporary and Pointe, which are Caudle’s favorites.  A lot of people don’t realize how common the occurrence of injuries in dance is. Some injuries Daisy has gotten consist of, broken toenails, plantar fasciitis (flare-up) in the Achilles joint all the way to the toes, fractured ankles, and a lot of bruises. 

A lot of the time dancing is a way to express yourself; for her, it is much like that. Caudle says, “ Contemporary is freedom of movement, it’s a fun and easy way to tell a story.” 

But besides learning dance, she teaches dancing too; Musical theater, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Hip-Hop and she is the lead teacher in Contemporary, and Tap for Pre-K. But before all of the things she has accomplished today, she started out at Mrs. Ashley when she was two years old, and started Sonshine Academy when she was eight. 

Caudle has had many accomplishments throughout her whole life of dance. Many of them are awards or championships from Competitions. This year she is doing a dance competition for SCDC and if she wins a solo dance she will become Miss Dance. She started Pointe when she was eleven and that is an early age to start pointe. Caudle said, “ It’s rewarding to do it so early.” She also commented on how it brings up her ankle strength.

Overall dancing is something that helps people be themselves. For Caudle, it’s a way to express herself, relax, and enjoy life around her.