Coney Creates a Company


Riley Townsell

Senior Larson Coney often reflects on his days of being an entrepreneur from before he could even drive a car. In the midst of his freshman year, Coney grew an itch for designing and creating shirts and dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. 

Coney has always been a music fanatic and has a love for anything related. During quarantine, he decided he wanted to create things about the artists he admired. The shirts he made featured pictures of Kayne West, Tyler the Creator, Lil UziVert, Asap Rocky, and Kendrik Lamar. Coney said that when attended a Kendrik Lamar concert, he wore one of the shirts that he had made.

Coney created a website for his company to sell and market his shirts out of state. His company was called ‘Some Rap T’s’ as a play on words of the popular album ‘Some Rap Songs’. He ended up selling around 150 shirts, bringing in two hundred dollars profit. 

Larson now works for Coney garage doors but, he still often reflects on this memory from his youth and wonders if it would have flourished if he’d kept doing it.