Townsell Speaks On Volleyball


Larson Coney, Staff Writer

Junior Riley Townsell spent most of her time thinking about volleyball up until 3 months ago.

Townsell started playing volleyball when she was just 8 years old. Funny enough, just this last year was her 8th and last year playing volleyball. Townsell started club volleyball before she would move on to playing for the school, as she liked the club better. She fit in well with her teammates, as they all had outgoing and humorous personalities. While playing club volleyball she picked up 4 championship wins. Earning 2 of them in her 14 National year, and the other 2 in her 15 National year. Townsell played volleyball for the school from 7-10 grade though that was not her main focus. There was more to love with club volleyball as she really liked being able to travel. She got to visit places such as Louisville, Kentucky, and Kansas City, Missouri. She said the coolest thing she remembered was being in the same tournament as the #1 club in the Nation. Overall, even though Townsell does not play volleyball anymore it was a unique and important time in her life that she will always carry on with her.