Layton the Lefty

Sophomore Pitcher Recounts Baseball Accomplishments


Bryan Lin

Sophomore Layton Coney pitches for the Wampus Cats.

Hugh Hill, Staff Writer

Layton Coney is a sophomore, left-handed pitcher on the baseball team at Conway High, and you’d be surprised to hear about his baseball journey. For starters, he’s played on eight different teams! After beginning his career with four years of playing on four different teams in Conway’s parks and recreation league, he finally won a championship with his dad as the coach. He then moved on to the field house, a sports training facility in Conway, and he spent several years playing for both the Phenoms and the Titans. After his field house campaign, he moved on to another training facility, Applied Velocity. He spent one year on this team before he had to get ready for high school baseball.

Coney says that his biggest accomplishment so far in baseball has been making the high school team, and he’s definitely reaped the benefits from playing for the prestigious program. He says, “It has helped me get stronger, improve my game, and prepare me for the next level.” To even further prove this, he pointed out that his fastball velocity has increased from around 70 miles per hour to touching 82!