Band Gets Crunk at Southwest Little Rock


Connor Kendrick

Junior Clara Spivey shown here playing her flute in Friday’s game against Southwest.

Owen Starnes

Last Friday, September 23, 2022, Conway High School played against Little Rock Southwest High School in football at Little Rock Southwest’s Gryphon Stadium. The Conway High School band traveled to the school to play and support the football team. The band performed their typical stand tunes, but also performed the first part of their show this year, titled ‘Rolling.’ Little Rock Southwest’s band also performed a variety of music, including their show.

Conway High School’s band is significantly larger than Little Rock Southwest’s band. A large portion of Southwest’s band was made up of the drumline. The bass drums (one being almost the size of a concert bass drum [big]) performed loudly and powerfully along with the cymbal players, snare player, and tenor drums player. Unlike Conway, Southwest did not have a front ensemble (which consists of keyboard and auxiliary percussion instruments). However, even with their lack of size, Southwest’s performance was lively and the audience appeared to enjoy it.

At an away game, a large portion of time spent by the Conway band is simply doing nothing; waiting for some sort of signal to begin playing. To fill the gap in time, many members of the band chatted amongst themselves. However, a few decided to record the sounds of various instruments through a microphone from a cheap pair of earbuds, putting the microphone into the openings of the instruments being recorded. This resulted in videos showcasing the player along with their instrument’s low-quality, distorted sounds. Another member of the band, AJ Windsor, decided to use his time doing backflips, one of these backflips being recorded by the camera crew. Overall, the Conway band enjoyed their time spent at the game, and the Southwest band showcased their performance.