The Pressures of Being a Future Business Owner at Sixteen


Rubi Navarro

Rubi Navarro snaps a quick selfie — a normal teen activity despite pressures of being a teen business owner.

Isabella Johnson, Staff Writer

Owning a business is a big accomplishment for most but especially when you are fifteen and a sophomore in high school. Rubi Navarro is soon to own her mother’s business. It all started with her mom. Navarro’s mother wanted to provide for her family and she realized she had a talent for making tamales and spreading her love through cooking. 

I think many people don’t understand the pressures and stress of knowing you’ll own a business especially when you are fifteen. Navarro says “sometimes it is hard to navigate the business and school work but with god anything is possible.” Navarro helps in the food truck whenever she can, especially on Saturdays. Some things she does is cook, clean, and serve people; really anything that helps her mom at the food truck. 

A lot of the time people think that working at Navarro’s future business is a lot of work, but it can be fun to make the customer’s day with the food that she and her mom create. Especially to see their faces when they have cooked the food and they loved it. Navarro says, “ They can count on me if their feeling down or need help” 

Although Navarro is enjoying the business now she is more excited about the future of the business and how it will grow and shape around Conway. She is excited about the path in front of them and how god will guide them through this journey with their food truck. Navarro says, “ And I encourage students to start hustling while being in school because right now we can make mistakes because later on, they’re going to count.” 

 Navarro’s family has two food trucks and they are thinking about opening a restaurant to share their love for food and to grow their food and business around Conway.