Conway Senior, MLB pitcher turns to philanthropy


Hugh Hill, Staff Writer

     Brady Robnett, a senior on the Conway Baseball Team, conquered leukemia last year, and he wants to make sure that no one has to fight cancer’s life or death battle again. By turning to philanthropy, Robnett partnered with former MLB pitcher Cliff Lee and was able to raise tens of thousands of dollars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. 

     “Brady’s Battle” was initially a slogan used to help raise money and support Robnett during his fight with Leukemia, but he’s given it a much larger purpose. On Monday, September 26, he founded the first-ever Brady’s Battle Golf Tournament, and he has future plans for it to become an annual event.

     The tournament consisted of 34 teams that showed up to play 2 flights of golf at Centennial Valley Country Club. Along with the participants that donated to compete in the tournament, Robnett also gathered sponsors from companies that wanted to help raise money for cancer research. The tournament was a huge success, raising over $30,000. Also, Robnett conducted an interview with Lee to further raise awareness about the need for research funds.

     When asked about why he did it, Robnett said, “With everything that I’ve gone through, I knew that I had to raise money for the group that funded the testing for my bone marrow transplant.” He’s extremely appreciative of the support that he received throughout his battle, and it’s important to him to make sure that others receive this same level of support.