CHS Can’t Decide on Golden Goose Trend


Riley Tow

Senior Olivia Lipscomb wears her Golden Gooses to CHS regularly.

Kenzie Myers, Staff Writer

Golden Gooses, in the past two years, have become very popular. The brand is an Italian fashion brand, made by a wife and husband duo. The business is worth 1.28 billion euros. Many people have bought themselves pairs, despite the average price of $300-$800. The shoes boast a beat up and distressed appearance,  but the uniquness of each pair adds to  the “luxury” of them.  Conway High School is no exception for the Golden Goose debate.  

Opinions around campus were pretty divided.  Most people seem to agree with the trend. Sophomore Sarah Beth Sammons said, “I think that they’re cute and girly, but very overpriced.” Sophomore Corree Beene agrees with Sammons: “I love the way they look. I just think that they are way too expensive.” Senior Lydia Crow loves them so much she has a pair. “They’re very expensive but they’re worth it, mine were a gift,” she said.  Sophomore Avery Roach loves them, but she would never buy a real pair. “I think the off-brand is just as cute and about $500 cheaper,” Roach said. 

Not everyone likes them though. A few people agree with Sophomore Layton Coney who said, “I think that they look cheap, ugly, and they look like barbie shoes.”  Sophomore Madison Fox said something similar about how they look like kid shoes: “They look like the Sketchers I wore when I was five.” There were a few people who felt conflicted such as Sophomore Josie Ghormley who said, “I think they have potential but they’re overrated.”

When it comes down to it, for many people it was that beat up shoes aren’t worth the hefty price tag.