Conway High School’s 2022 Hyped Up Student Section


Connor Kendrick

Student Section Leaders take to the stands on America Night.

Maci Jordan, Staff Writer

For many fans, the ultimate sports experience is sitting in the student section.  Conway High School boasts a fantastic student section to represent their school. Student sections are great opportunities for every kid in high school to be able to participate and have fun. At Conway High School sports and the many different activities are a big deal for students. Students not only enjoy watching the games but also enjoy having a theme for each week. 

Having a student section theme for each week encourages more students to come and participate in school activities. This year’s main student section leaders are seniors Sam Gregg, Brady Akridge and Cole Glover. These three leaders were picked by the previous student section leaders and by making an appearance to all school activities. 

Student sections can be a big thing for high schoolers and they are fun to do if everyone cooperates.  “ The themes are a big deal because it lets the students feel more intertwined in the game and gives them an opportunity to make an impact,” Akridge said.

This Friday, October 7, Conway High School plays a big football game against Cabot High school, this week’s theme is redneck. Not only are there themes for just football but as well as other sports. The teams enjoy it just as much as the people in the stands do because it shows school spirit and hypes the players up.  

So far this year Conway has played 5 Friday night football games, each week has had a different theme, Hawaiian, neon, USA, pajamas, and black out. All the themes this year have been exciting. “I enjoyed the USA theme” said both Gregg and Akridge,  Glover said his favorite was Hawaiian night.  Out of all the themes, the USA was the one most people participated in. Senior Riley Nicholson said, “This year’s student section has been the biggest I have ever seen and it has also been the most fun.”

Not only do students just dress up, but at each game the leaders choose one person from the student section who they think dressed the best and they win a gift card. This makes it more fun for more students to dress up, and have a competition to win. 

While most high schools have some version of student seating,  Conway High School’s is something special as it inspires students in making their high school experience fun as well as getting to hype up the teams. Throughout the rest of the school year, Conway’s students will keep the student section rolling as their activities and sports go on.