Not Your Average Piano Player

Photo by Caroline Sellers


Hudson Wallace

Conway High School senior Will Sellers has numerous hobbies such as playing the trumpet, going on hikes, and even learning how to speak Hebrew. However, one thing that not everyone knows is that Sellers is an expert piano player. 

Sellers began playing piano from the very young age of 6 years old. When asked about how much he plays piano everyday, Sellers said,” On average probably an hour a day, maybe more.” Sellers has taken piano lessons for years from his grandmother, Dr. Marilyn Wright, who holds a doctorate degree in piano pedagogy. Sellers states that the hardest piece he has learned was,” Chopin’s nocturne in e-minor number 9,” ( Op. 9 No. 2)- a piece that most pianists with years of experience cannot play. Sellers uses his talent in several areas such as the Arkansas Symphony Youth Orchestra where he was the principal pianist. Along with ASYO, Sellers plays for the school’s orchestra when they have concerts, and has played at several weddings, banquets, and other similar events. Sellers also leads worship every Wednesday night at Antioch Baptist Church in the church’s youth group. Although he doesn’t plan on using piano as a career, Sellers will always spend some of his free time playing piano and will jump at any opportunity he gets to play.