Emmalee Dillon Behind The Scenes


Daisy Caudle, Staff Writer

There are so many things that go on behind the scenes of a high school production that not many people see. Emmalee Dillon, a Junior at Conway High School, has a very important role backstage. Dillon is in charge of costumes for her high school’s production of “A Christmas Carol” this fall. Dillon started learning how to sew and design costumes quickly over the summer. She says “I taught myself how to sew with a little help from my mom and grandma.” “Over the summer I was doing the lighting design for another production, Moana, and I had nothing to do yet, so I just decided to help out and design costumes with the costume team,” Dillon said.


Dillon has done lighting and costumes for other productions too. She did lighting for the  High School’s musical production of “The Addams Family” and costumes for Red Curtain Theatre’s production of “James and The Giant Peach”. Dillons’ job isn’t as easy as it sounds though. She has to draw out and design the costumes and check with the director to make sure it’s okay, then, she has to start making them. Luckily, Dillon has someone working with her and helping to design the costumes and make them the best they can be. “Working on costumes for a play or musical is just a good creative outlet for me,” Dillon says, “ and I also honestly just love seeing the actors’ faces when I’m able to show them the finished product of their costume.”


Dillons’ passion is designing and creating. She enjoys sewing so much that she taught herself within just a couple of months and now has one of the most important jobs of a backstage crew member. Dillon can’t wait to finish up the costumes for the upcoming show “A Christmas Carol”, and see how everything comes together.