The Ultimate Guide to Pickles


Kenzie Myers

People who say they don’t like pickles probably just haven’t tried the right kind yet.

Kenzie Myers, Staff Writer

Pickles are the best food for any occasion. If you’re hungry, just need a light snack, making a sandwich, making a charcuterie board, or deep frying pickles, they go on everything, I even like to drink the juice! Sweet or savory, whatever you choose (Dill is the best though), you can make it delicious and turn a meal amazing. They’re best cold and crunchy.

Pickles are zero calories, so while eating pickles you do not have to worry about extra carbs. Pickles control your blood sugar, so if you’re having blood sugar problems start eating pickles! They provide antioxidants, which are very helpful for your body. Pickles also treat muscle cramps, so if you’re active or are getting in your older age and cramps are pron it would be a good idea to eat pickles. There are a lot more benefits but these are the main pros.

But depending on the brand, they can get expensive and as you know “you get what you pay for.” A hack to save a little money is to make your own, this is my favorite way to make them. they’re really simple to make and quick. All you have to have is a Jar, Dill, Vinegar, Salt, and cucumbers. Once you combine everything, let it sit in the fridge for a few days. Then woohoo you made pickles!

It seems a lot of people say they don’t like pickles but can’t give a real reason on why they dislike them. Society has made them out to be so gross, so people tend to think they aren’t supposed to like them. Maybe you just have the wrong brand or you really don’t like pickles, but I think you should try some different kinds and rethink it before you actually say you hate them.