Conway High’s Black Student Union


Avery Ferguson

Wednesday, October 26, 2022- Conway High School held its second ever Black Student Union meeting. The Black Student Union was created by Makyla Pirtle in order to give black student’s resources to help them achieve their goals during high school and after. This past meeting they spoke about academic resources that could help minority students as they transition to high school. This includes things like resource pages for mental health support and standardized testing support since it can be harder for minority students to find access to those things. They are currently focusing on building membership in order to enhance student collaboration and outreach, but Makyla states, “This has been difficult since many students do not know we are a club because they don’t read the announcements.” When asked, Makyla says it is important to have a Black Student Union because, “It allows students to get the opportunity to learn more about the culture and experiences of their peers, strengthening student bonds and cultural awareness. Likewise, by highlighting resources that might go overlooked, we help minority students to learn more about the opportunities that can help them exceed academically.” Phillip Hardwick, the BUS’s Vice President, answered, “Having a BSU on campus is pivotal in making CHS foster a more equitable environment and creates a space to discuss issues concerning the black community and allows everyone to become more informed as a result,” when asked about why having a BSU at CHS was important.