The new year brings a fresh start for CHS students


Students at Conway High School must meet these requirements in order to be exempt from semester exams as seen in the photo above.

Megan Lovett, Editor/Staff Writer

    Students returned from Winter break on January 4, and for many people, this means a fresh start to the new year and a new them. For students at Conway High School, this means a fresh start for grades and attendance as well. This means that starting from January 4 to the end of the semester, students start with a clean slate for exemption status for exams.

     As of now, everyone starts with fresh grades and clean attendance. Mr.Bing announced this during first period on January 4. The requirements required to be exempted from the exam are as follows: People with an A in a specific subject can miss up to 9 unexcused absences. For a B in a specific subject, they can afford up to 7 unexcused absences. As for people with a C, they can afford 5.  Anything below a C means you take the exam for that class. 

     Conway High has a wonderful incentive for students who meet these requirements in all classes. They get out a week early at the end of the school year. Many students feel more motivated this semester after the first, and want to do things better. “I would say now that I know what to expect/do for the new semester I am more motivated to work harder. The fresh start with grades also helps with a chance to make sure I can set the right goals I need in order to succeed”, said Seth Kurowski, a junior at CHS.