Ellie Matthews rings in the New Years in NYC


Tiffany Matthews

This photo features Junior Ellie Matthews in NYC at times square for New Years Eve.

Maci Jordan, Staff Writer


Everyone has those dreams of visiting big cities and having a bucket list full of adventures to do. Ellie Matthew’s who lives in Conway, Arkansas, visited New York City recently as well as visited Atlanta and Chicago in the past. Matthew’s is a big city-loving girl who hopes to live in a large city one day. Matthew’s said, “I have always enjoyed big cities, when I was 9 years old I went to New York for the first time and it was fun, but I was obviously too young to experience everything.” As you grow up, you understand and become more interested in exploring new things and now that Matthew’s is older she got to experience more on her most recent New York trip.  Matthew’s said, “I mainly think I love New York because of how big it is, how many people there are, and all the opportunities you can do and see.” 

Living in a small state compared to a big state has a lot of differences in everything and is very diverse. Matthew’s said “The biggest difference between New York and Conway is the size. In New York you can walk wherever you need to go, we walked 7-10 miles each day, and in Conway, you mostly drive around and there’s a lot fewer people and traffic.” 

New York City has many different opportunities to do and see, and while being there during Christmas and new year’s there’s even more to do and many more people to see.  “While I was in New York we saw the Rockettes perform, we went to the Summit which is a tall lookout place, and one day we went to Central Park, as well as the Brooklyn Bridge. We stayed on 42 street which was only a block away from Times Square. On New Year’s eve, we were in Time Square and that was a fun experience because there were so many people and everyone was excited.” Said Matthew’s.

 Many people visit New York to see the mind-altering things that most people hear on TV or see on the news about tragedies that have occurred in New York. Matthew’s said, “The thing I thought was the coolest was the 9/11 museum. It was really eye-opening and I learned a lot more than I previously knew. It was cool to hear the different stories of different people and families involved in the tragedy. I also enjoyed seeing the Grand Central Station, just because it is such a historical train station.” 

Going to New York is definitely many people’s dreams but now that Matthew’s accomplished that she now hopes to one day live in a place like New York. Matthew’ said, “I would definitely live in New York, I love the vibe and the people. There are so many job opportunities and things to do every day. You can have a full day every day for a year and still not explore all of New York.”